For U4 to U8: 303-827-2252 Email Katy For U9 to U19: 303-443-8877 ex. 108 Email Lenore Weather Line: 303.732.8484

Thank you for being a Soccer Coach!

Without your help we would not be able to bring the beautiful game to our recreational soccer players.

The following are links to several helpful documents and training sessions that will guide you through your coaching year! Please take a look at them, download and print them and keep coming back to this page for more resources and tips.

Coaches Handbook – MUST READ

BVYS Recreation Coaches Handbook


U5 Recreational Coaches Guide.doc
U5 Curriculum.doc
U6 Recreational Coaches Guide.doc
U6-U7 Curriculum
U5-U6 Moves


U7 FCB Recreational Coaches Guide
U7  Curriculum
U8-U10 Recreational Coaches Guide
U8 Curriculum

U7-U8 Moves


U8-U10 Recreational Coaches Guide
U8-U9 Curriculum
U9-U10 Moves


U11-U18 Recreational Coaches Guide
U11-U18 Curriculum