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Recreational Level FAQ’s

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that pertain to the BVYS Recreational Soccer program.

Please contact Lenore Knox at , for U9-U19 age group
or Katy Brown at, for U4-U8 age group with any questions not addressed below.

What age group should my child play in?  2018-2019 birth chart

Q. How do I upload player photos and birth certificates/ passport to my player’s profile?

U.S. Soccer mandates that all players ages 9U and older have their age verified to play in sanctioned leagues.  BVYS participates in the Front Range Recreational League under the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA).  Click the links below for step by step directions.  Once completed, email  Each players needs to be individually forwarded to CSA for verification.

How to upload player Photos
How to upload player Birth Certificates

Q: How do I register my child for recreational soccer?

A: Visit our Recreational Soccer home page for links to each program and registration information.

Q: How are players placed on a team?

A:  Players who have previously played in the recreational program typically request to be placed on the same team the following year.  We always do our best to honor this request.  First time BVYS players are assigned to a team after the registration period closes.  For first time players we use the following as priority:  1. requests, 2. by school, 3. common geographic area (east, south, north part of town, etc), 4. teams that have space. For newly formed teams, we often ask a parent(s) to volunteer to coach the team. 

Q: Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team?

A: Though we make every effort to find a team for each player, BVYS cannot guarantee that every player will be placed on a team.  We adhere to policies that ensure good player development and enjoyment of the game, including roster sizes that promote appropriate (and equitable) playing time for each child.  Some seasons, for example, there may be three or four children that register to play, but all existing teams have full rosters.  If there are not enough players to form a new team, sometimes we are in the regrettable position of having interested players, but no available teams.  The best way to ensure that your child is placed on a team is to recruit additional players, and indicate to the club that you would like to form a new team.  At the least, be sure to register early so that your child does not end up on a wait list.

Q: My child played last season, and would like to be on placed on the same team again.  How do I make sure that he or she will be on the same team again?

A: In order to ensure that your child is placed on the same team again, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Confirm that your child’s team, and the coach in particular, are planning on playing in the league again next season.
  2. Register your child during the early registration period to reserve a spot on the team.
  3. Request the correct team/coach on your online registration form.

Q: Does BVYS provide coaches for recreational teams?

A: In general, a volunteer parent(s) serve as the team coach. Many teams may already have a parent coach in place.  However, in some cases, a team will be formed with multiple individual registrants who have a school and/or geographic location in common.  In these cases, BVYS will notify all the families on the team and seek a volunteer coach from the parents on the team.  Soccer experience is preferred, but not required.  Most important is to bring high-energy, patience and an interest in working with youth players.  BVYS provides coaching support and coaching education opportunities.

Q:  Does BVYS offer recreational programs for players who choose not to play competitive soccer?

A: Yes – BVYS offers Upper Recreational programs at the U11-U18 age levels.

Q: Is my child guaranteed a spot in the Upper Recreational program (U11-U18)?

A:  Because there are fewer Upper Recreational teams in BVYS, it can be difficult to assign new players to teams and BVYS cannot guarantee team placement. In many cases, existing teams move forward together, and may need only one or two additional players.  Forming new teams requires a critical mass of new players of similar age.  In the case of forming new teams, many times these teams will be a mix of age groups. For example 11 year olds may be placed on a 12-year-old team in order to make a full team. We do make every reasonable attempt to find a team for all interested players.

Q: What happens if I register my child after the registration deadline?

A: Players who register after the deadline are required to pay a late registration fee. BVYS does its best to find teams for these players, although there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Q: Does my child have an opportunity to get advanced training with BVYS while in the recreational program?

A: Yes – Recreational registration fees for players age 5-10 years include free weekly skills clinics.  The skills clinics schedule will be posted prior to each season.

 Q: Where and when are practices held?

A: Practice days, times, and location are determined and communicated by the volunteer coach or paid coach (when applicable). 

Q: What is recreational soccer? What is the difference between recreational soccer and competitive soccer?

A: Recreational soccer is for boys and girls ages 3-18 who desire a fun environment to play soccer without the commitment, both of time and of finances, of competitive soccer.  Recreational soccer is for players of all ability levels.  There are no tryouts and team placement is not based on ability level.

Competitive soccer is designed for boys and girls ages 9-18 years who desire to play the game of soccer at a more serious level. Players must participate in a tryout process, through which players are placed on teams with players of like-ability.  Competitive team coaches are paid and have three practices per week. Competitive teams travel throughout the state of Colorado for league matches, and participate in weekend tournaments throughout the year.

Q: What equipment do players need?

A: Players are required to play with shin guards and appropriate soccer footwear (cleats, sneakers, turf shoes, etc.). Player should always bring a ball and water to practices and games.

Q: What uniforms do players wear?

A: Each player ages 5-18 is expected to have an official BVYS Uniform.  Uniform cost is not included in the registration fee.

Q: Where are games played?

A: Home games will be played in Boulder County.  Players can choose thier “home” field preference (Pleasantview, Manhattan, YMCA in Lafayette, Community Park, Longmont)   Upper recreational teams may travel in the North Metro areas to away games.

Q: When are games played?

A:  U5-U8 games are played Friday afternoon at Pleasantview or Saturday mornings (per your preference) at Community Park, Lafayette YMCA, or Manhattan Park.  U9+ CSA team play in the Denver Metro area.

Q: What is the weather policy?

A: With living in Colorado often comes unpredictable weather.  If weather is in question, call the weather line at 303-732-8484.  We update the message by 2pm on Fridays and 7:30am on Saturdays.  Please note that we may need to make a decision at game time.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Refund requests must be submitted via email or in writing to Lenore Knox at (U9+) or Katy Brown at (U4-U8) Refunds are only awarded prior to the season’s start date. If approved, refunds will be issued by the bookkeeper less a non-refundable $25.00 administrative fee. No refunds will be awarded after the start of the season; however, in the case of medically documented season-ending injury or if a player moves 50 or more miles outside of Boulder, a pro-rated refund may be awarded.

Q: What are the rules of the game?

A: Rules are posted through the BVYS website.  Click here to see them.