For U4 to U8: 303-442-2778 ext. 3348 Email Moss For U9 to U19: 303-443-8877 ex. 108 Email Lenore Weather Line: 303.732.8484

Uniforms are required for all players participating in U5-U18 BVYS leagues. Players in the U4 Mini Kickers clinics are not required to wear a uniform.

All players must wear the designated uniforms for games.  Players are required to wear league jerseys with solid black shorts and black socks.  Cleats are HIGHLY recommended for U6 and older.

You are NOT required to purchase a new uniform each season.  You will just need the correct colors for your age group.

Age Group Uniforms

U5/U6– Cardinal and White BVYS jerseys, black shorts, black socks.
U7/U8– Black and Yellow BVYS jerseys, black shorts, black socks.
U9-U18– Black and White Adidas BVYS jerseys, black short, black socks.

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U5, U6, U7, U8 teams

*Uniforms can be purchased when you register.  Please bring your receipt to uniform pick up.*
$12.50 each jersey
$15 Adidas shorts*
$8 Adidas socks*
or $44 for the entire kit (2 jerseys, shorts and socks)

U9-U18 teams**

$20.66 each Adidas jersey**
$14.04 Adidas shorts*
$6.24 Adidas socks*
Numbers will NOT be required for new uniforms.

*Players are NOT required to wear Adidas shorts and socks.  They just need to wear black shorts and socks.

Uniform Pickup/ Order Information

U5-U8 Uniforms are available for pickup at the following times and locations.

Dates and Times are TBD

  • Sunday, August 27th, 11am-1:30pm- Dick’s Sporting Goods, Flatirons Mall

*U9+ Available for purchase ONLINE only! Please visit to place your order.

Ordering as a team is encouraged to help save on shipping costs.  If you would like to try on uniforms before ordering, samples are available in the FC Boulder office during open hours.

Check or credit card accepted on site for U4-U8 uniforms.
*Please note: U4-U8 uniforms will NOT be available for pickup outside of these times/ dates!