Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CSA?
The Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) is the governing body for all soccer clubs in the State
of Colorado. They set rules and guidelines for all CSA level leagues The CSA is governed by
the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).

How are team age groups determined?
Starting at the U9 age group, teams are grouped by BIRTH year, not SCHOOL year. This rule
was set by US Soccer in the fall of 2016. Example: 2011 = U9, 2010 = U10 and so on. Players
are allowed to play up a year, but not down.

Why is my spring U8 team playing in the fall U10 age division?
For the U8 age groups, the school calendar is used to determine playing groups. Starting at U9, playing groups are determined by birth year, as teams begin to play in the CSA recreational leagues. In order to keep a group of players together, who are in the same grade, the team has to play “up” for the birth years from the classes fall birthdays. Half the class would have fall birthdays, so teams have to play to that birth year. Note: most if not all U10 recreational teams have a mix of U9 and U10 birth years.

How are divisions determined?
Within CSA there are Rec North, Bronze, Silver and Gold recreational divisions. Coaches along with the club make the decision on where they would like their team placed. There is not a 100% guarantee that your team will be accepted into a higher (gold/ silver) division by the CSA, but chances are usually very good.

What are the expected travel times for away games?
At the older age groups, there are often less teams playing. Because of this travel times do increase due to more distance between teams.
-U9/U10 age groups, less than 40 minutes (Broomfield, Westminster, Longmont)
-U11/U12 age groups, less than 90 minutes
-U13-U14, up to 2 hours (there are fewer teams in these age groups, so travel times could be
longer.) Most games are within 45 minutes.
-U15-U18, generally less than 60 minutes.

Why do players need to upload their pictures and birth certificate?
Players need proof of identity and age to play at any level in CSA leagues. Proof of identity and age make for an even playing field. Picture and birth certificate/ passport only need to be uploaded once. Once in the system, the information carries over season to season.
How to upload player Birth Certificates
How to upload player Photos

Who schedules the games?
The CSA creates the league schedules, then they release the games to the clubs to be
scheduled. Only club HOME games are scheduled by your club. Special requests can be
submitted to the HOME team registrar prior to the completion of the schedule.

How do I find the location of a game field?
Game locations are found on your schedule. is a great
resource to look up field addresses, etc, if not listed on the game schedule.

How are weather makeup games rescheduled?
The HOME team club will reschedule games based on field availability. Clubs will relay new
game times to the HOME team coaches. It is the HOME team coaches’ responsibility to relay
information to the away team coach.

What Uniforms do we wear on game day?
U5/U6: Red is home/ White is away
U7/U8: Black is home/ Yellow is away
U9-U19: Black is home/ White is away.
Players should always bring both jerseys to every game home or away.

If you have specific questions, please contact:
Tony Mortenson, Recreational Registrar for U9-U19, at
Katy Brown, Sports Program Director for ages U4-U8, at